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1 an amount of something available for use
2 offering goods and services for sale [ant: demand]
3 the activity of supplying or providing something [syn: provision, supplying]


1 provide or furnish with; "We provided the room with an electrical heater" [syn: provide, render, furnish]
2 circulate or distribute or equip with; "issue a new uniform to the children"; "supply blankets for the beds" [syn: issue] [ant: recall]
3 provide what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests" [syn: provide, ply, cater]
4 state or say further; "`It doesn't matter,' he supplied" [syn: add, append] [also: supplied]

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Alternative forms


    • , /səˈplaɪ/, /s@"plaI/
    • Rhymes with: -aɪ
  • a adverb
    • , /ˈsʌpli/, /"sVpli/

Etymology 1



  1. To provide (something), to make (something) available for use.
  2. To furnish or equip with.
  3. To compensate for, or make up a deficiency of.
  4. To act as a substitute.
provide, make available for use
furnish or equip with
compensate for, make up for a deficiency of
act as a substitute
Derived terms


  1. The act of supplying.
    supply and demand
  2. An amount of something supplied.
    A supply of good drinking water is essential.
  3. provisions.
Derived terms
act of supplying
amount supplied

Etymology 2

supple + -ly


  1. In a supple manner, with suppleness.

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

ability, accommodate, accommodate with, accouterment, accumulation, acting, ad interim, afford, armament, assets, available means, balance, cache, capacity, capital, capital goods, capitalization, cater to, catering, chandlery, clothe, come up with, contribute, deliver, delivery, devices, dispense, disposable resources, distribute, distribution, donate, endow, endowment, equip, equipment, favor with, feed, fill, fill up, find, finding, fit out, fitting out, fulfill, fund, funds, furnish, furnishing, furnishment, give, grist, hand, hand over, heap upon, hoard, holdings, indulge with, interim, inventory, invest, investment, keep, lavish upon, liquid assets, logistics, maintain, make available, make provision for, material resources, materials, materiel, means, method, outfit, outfitting, pour on, power, preparation, prepare, present, pro tem, pro tempore, procurement, property, provide, provide for, providing, provision, provisioning, purvey, purveyance, quantity, raw material, recourses, recruit, reinforcement, replenish, replenishment, reserve, reservoir, resorts, resource, resources, resupply, retailing, rig out, satisfy, sell, selling, shower down upon, staple, stock, stocking, stockpile, stockpiling, store, stuff, subsidization, subsidize, subsidy, substances, subvention, supplying, support, surplus, transfer, turn over, victual, victualing, ways, ways and means, wherewith, wherewithal, yield
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